SWEET SCULLY - 5x7 inch print in 8x10 inch matt board


Scully was rescued from an intensive piggery in late January, 2015. She was emaciated and full of infection. She had numerous septic wounds on her body and a large tumour in her throat which made it difficult for her to eat. Piggery workers left her like that to die a slow and painful death in that piggery. When she was rescued, she was given the best of vet care. Her prognosis for recovery wasn't great, but her carer tried with all her might to make her better.

Scully was so excited about her new life. She made friends with everyone and learnt things so quickly. She was incredibly friendly and trusting even after all she had been through and all the health problems she had.

4.5 days after rescue, Scully passed away, from a presumed heart attack. Her whole body was infected from her wounds and she had also been bleeding internally, probably for quite some time. She was truly loved in that 4.5 days and she experienced more than most pigs do in their short and sorry lives whilst they are only seen as meat machines.

This print is matted in an off white matt board with a foam core backing and packaged in a plastic resealable bag.

It is titled and signed.

Each matted print is produced by me personally.

Photo is printed on professional Endura paper.

Image is printed without my watermark on it.

Each print includes an extra print with Scully's story written out on it.

Print is ready to be framed in an 8x10 inch frame of your choice.

All profits go directly to my own animal refuge, "Lefty's Place"


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